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The training she described being excruciatingly difficult, vomiting every day, and crying every night. It has had four phases Yeah nah messaging, each with a different focus: After the fabrication process was completed, Maki and the others entered the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles as totally different people, officially commencing the 53rd killing game season known as the Killing School Semester.

After everyone had gathered, Monokuma appeared and told the participants that it was a Flashback Light and that it had the ability to restore lost memories before leaving and letting the students decide what to do with it.

As a result, she was raised in an orphanage. She was involved in taking this product from research through development and to production. It was initiated by heads of nations from all over the world after countless meteorites crashed into Earth, spreading a deadly virus all throughout the atmosphere.

In the end, after Kirumi was convicted, she told everyone the truth, that she was actually the de facto Prime Minister of Japan and that she carried the burden of Yeah nah entire country on her shoulders.

In reality, they were scouting for potential candidates to train as assassins. As a result, she prohibited anyone to enter it and shut herself inside.

Thanks to Kokichi, he also knew that Maki had his own motive video and was desperate to see it, even going so far as to blackmail Maki if she refused, threatening to expose her true identity to everyone. Maki's parents were gone before she could even remember.

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However, thanks to Kaede's valiant efforts, she was able to prove his innocence, though at the same time, encouraged Shuichi to find her guilty of the crime. Kaede insisted that this might not truly end the Killing Game, but this only drew the ire from the a majority of the group, Maki included.

Maki would remain in the game room, Gonta would lock himself in the AV room, and Tenko and Kaito would leave the game room to get Rantaro only to join Kaede and Shuichi in storming the library, finding the bookcase in the back of the room closing and Rantaro's corpse not far away from it.

Despite being chosen to participant, however, Maki and the other fifteen participants had no intentions of going along with the plan, not wanting to abandon their loved ones.

The Difference Between 'Yeah, Nah' And 'Nah, Yeah'

Maki was among these sixteen individuals. Due to this, Kokichi backed down once again. The Monokubs were incredibly saddened at the sudden demise of their father, stating that he had no spare and that he was one of a kind.

Although everyone was skeptical at first, they eventually gave in and used it, allowing everyone, Maki included, to remember that they had been on the run from the "Ultimate Hunt".

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Shuichi was able to deduce that Maki had Ryoma's video due to the fact that he himself had Kaito's. Nevertheless, the children at the orphanage still adored Maki.

Later on, during nighttime, Ryoma confronted Maki outside of her own lab.

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Just like everyone else, Maki was confused about their current predicament. Maki and the others went to space in the massive ark, the true form of Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles, and were put to a cold sleep for several decades.

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"Sydney has a reputation for being beautiful but shallow, but like the pretty girl in high school, she is often misunderstood. Friend 2: yeah nah I can't tonight I have work early eh Maybe example Friend 1 do you wanna come to the pub? Friend 2: yeah nah I will have to check with the mrs Yeahnah.

The most common form of Australian slang that is the short form of 'yes, but no'. Commonly used to respond to a mate during conversation, when you are aknowleging what was.

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